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Walter Barkey


Recently had them out to investigate and repair two areas of depressed pavers along our condominium driveway sewer line. The owner himself came out to meet me as we were new customers and he gave me his personal mobile number if I needed to contact him during off hours.  They brought back a camera crew to find the leaks and then came back later and repaired them.  They were very professional and did quality work at a fair price.  Just after my initial encounter with Daniel we had a major roof leader break after a large downpour on a weekend.  It was near the site they were going to work but it was an unrelated event. I took a video of it with the water gushing out adjacent to the driveway and sent it to Daniel and his supervisor Rob. Daniel responded immediately (on a Sunday) and had his crew take care of this break as well the very next day.  Great service!